When a line is down, so is your profit. When a machine doesn't operate at its capacity, it drives down the entire production line.

When you call Creative Automation, you are likely to speak to one of the engineering team members from your build. And because you are talking with one of the people who designed your equipment, your answers come much faster than if you had to speak with someone who hasn't a clue about your line.
Ever called for tech support only to find that you know more about the machine than the tech support person? Not so at Creative Automation. More. Hmm. Maybe these guys are onto something here. More. Whether the needed part is commercially available, or custom made in our shop, we take extraordinary measures to ensure the correct part is in your hands as quickly as possible.
      Guards, shields and safety fence may have been removed in photos for illustration purposes only.
      Do not operate a machine without guards, shields and safety fence in place and functioning.